Adrian Suarez ’22 said he sought out Lehigh for its generous financial aid. 

It was just him and his computer, he said, googling different types of schools and different types of financial aid packages, and Lehigh was the best fit. 

Suarez is an international first-generation student from the Philippines. He had to go through the application process entirely on his own not only because his parents didn’t go to college and didn’t know how to help, but also because his high school guidance counselors did not know how the American college system worked and couldn’t provide him any guidance. 

Suarez said he was determined though. He did all the research, filled out all the paperwork, and landed himself on Lehigh’s campus. 

Now a senior, Suarez said that he’s loved his experience at Lehigh and is so grateful for the community at the school. 

“It’s a very supportive community,” said Suarez. “I am extremely grateful for this helpful community that has people of so many diverse backgrounds.”

He talked about how everyone here, whether it be students, faculty or staff, wants to be there for each other in some way or another. 

“At the end of the day there’s that shared sense of wanting to help each other out,” said Suarez. “Especially the financial aid office, they’ve given me this opportunity to study.” 

Suarez is a theatre major with minors in Economics and Global Studies. Upon graduation from Lehigh, he will be getting his management masters at Lehigh and then hopes to eventually do consulting in the theater industry.