Welcome to Marzouk’s Portofolio.

My name is Mohammed Marzouk. I am 19 years old, and it is my first year in Lehigh valley, Pennsylvania. I am Egyptian who was born and raised in Saudi Arabia. Two of my interests are playing soccer and nature. Back in my school years, I focused on excelling in all my subjects, as I believe hard work always pays off. Mathematics was one of my favorite subjects. As an individual who strives to become an engineer, I believe that every chapter of mathematics is essential for me to become successful in my future. I will study civil engineering after finishing my step up English courses.

I decide to become a civil engineer because I have always been fascinated by everything around me including looming skyscrapers, bridges, and roads. Moreover, I believe that a degree in civil engineering will enable me to achieve my goals and give me an opportunity to make a difference in the community, as the need for civil engineers is rapidly increasing from day to day. I strive to gain the ability to design and create a world that betters life for future generations

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