I am studying at lehigh university Step-Up course, and I am taking the Reading&discussion class. I will share with you some of my experiences and the information that I gained during this class, which helped me to progress in a special and a new way. In the beginning of this course I wanted to achieve some of my goals, which are to read faster, to understand the passage that I am reading in a better way,  to make my pronunciation much better , and to read fluently


The most important part in the Reading&Discussion was ‘’No apparent distress’’. This book will be my first English Novel to finish. In this book I learned variety of things about the author’s life, and how did she come from a family that they used to work hard to live. She went to a medical school in a big city and I feel that I lived her life with her while reading her book, and I felt some of her suffering issues in her life including all the death that  occurred. The book had a lot of different vocabulary words that taught me a lot. I appreciate all of the vocabulary assignments and projects that we had to make our eglish a better one.


We had several subject in Reading&Discussion classes about how to read faster, and how to read in a valuable way. In these classes we read and timed ourselves to answer some of the questions, and to see our strong and weak points. I liked how we did this several time after our first month in the class, so we could see how different we improved in this short period of time. My pronunciation became more fluently after doing so much reading and finishing ‘’no apparent distress’’.


At the beginning of this course I didn’t  like the reading guide and I thought that it was a waste of time. It was a little bit hard for me and I took at least three hours to finish my Reading guide and that annoyed me so much, but I learned in class how to skim and scan. Skimming and scanning are reading techniques that use rapid eye movement and keywords to move quickly through the text. This technique helped me a lot to improve my reading abilities and to answer most of my answers and to understand the text more in a comfortable way.


To wrap up, I believe that this course helped me a lot in my english skills. I know it was a little bit hard, but it was so beneficial. I achieved a lot of my goals, which are  to read faster, to understand the passage that I am reading in a better way, and to make my pronunciation much better.I even achieved things unconsciously without planning for it. I believe that if I can do it and improve that much, anyone can also do it and improve their english skills while enjoying this amazing course.

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