Mohammed Marzouk


Ms. Teresa Cusumano


I had a group presentation with two of my classmates in the speaking class about Poverty and how it affects the society in a variety of ways including: Job opportunity, health, and education as well as the percentage of criminals growing up in a poverty life. Poverty is a serious issue of never ending recycle, because children growing up in poverty do not receive enough education, so they won’t find good work to build their life as well as breaking up the never ending cycle.


I spoke about how poverty affects crime as well the conclusion in my speech.One of the  classmates spoke about health, and the other classmate spoke about it economically. We did not have a leader discussion, but we all discussed about it in a friendly way which helped us to work together to present a good presentation. We had some rules which are to be on time during the group meeting.


We all took this assignment seriously and worked together to excel in our presentation. We did not waste any time, and we worked constantly. I learned a lot from my classmates and the catch on their strategies. I also helped my classmates to brainstorm some of their ideas that were really effective, which helped the group arrange their thoughts. We also made pre review thoughts and ideas before presenting them.

The next day was the presentation, and we met around 7:00 pm to make our last group meeting discussion. We discussed the presentation together and built up our confidence in the presentation. We understood the presentation and knew our roles perfectly, and the next day we presented our roles in a calm and confident way. I believe we delivered the idea in a clear way to our audience as well as the performance.


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