Blog Post: Week 10

This past week in class, we developed a conceptual framework for the GSIF program at Lehigh.

Ultimately, we felt that the GSIF program has different values depending on the perspective you look at it from. First, the fellowship can be viewed from the perspective of the venture. The goals of the ventures are to use creative solutions to make a sustainable impact on the world around us. Additionally, the ventures hope to develop in-country partners to build lasting relationships that will be beneficial in the future. Within the GSIF program, the actions that we take within our ventures help us to achieve these goals. These actions consist of workshops, fieldwork, publications, etc. It is the hope of the program that these actions then produce tangible results.

Personally, as students we also hope to become distinguishable, conduct research, and learn. To accomplish these goals we act by collaborating with people from all over the world, and engaging in research at Lehigh and in-country. These actions help us to become better students and add to our portfolio.

The Global Social Impact Fellowship is an incredible program that helps students to make impactful change in the world through collaboration and hard work. The conceptual framework that we have developed is attempting to encapsulate everything this program has to offer in a visual map.

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