Create a Series of Memes

Provided by Nicole Batchelor

For this assignment, you should use an online meme generator such as or to create your own memes that visually convey the argument from one of your unit essays. You will need to employ images and phrases that speak directly to the subject matter and argument of your unit essay. The series of memes must communicate to an audience the cultural criticism that you’ve made about a film, video game, satirical news show, television show, or a social media platform. In other words, you need to make sure that each meme offers formal features that make it evident that they belong to a “family” of memes. So you will need to make sure that your visuals offer core characteristics and genre conventions that are associated with the medium (e.g. film, social media, video game, etc.) you’ve made an argument about.


*You must produce a “family” of at least 5-6 memes that clearly convey the argument in one of your unit essays. You must create variations on the first meme that you created.

*Make sure to employ some of the medium’s core characteristics and genre conventions such as: the key phrases, taglines, famous quotes, or jargon; pivotal scenes between characters; identifiable settings or weapons; lead or minor characters; images of setting video game; image of the “terrible house;” shooter game images; etc.

*Avoid too much repetition among the memes. You want the memes to offer a map of the argument and analysis in your essay. You want a variety of approaches that highlight the various analyses you’ve offered to support your thesis. In other words, think of each meme as a selection from your essay, and that meme needs to reflect the purpose (or analysis) of that selection.

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