English 2 Overview

Overview: English 2 Curriculum

English 2 has a flexible curriculum that is organized around themes of your choosing. In the writing program, we like to call these themes “pressing issues of public concern,” and you have the flexibility to choose the issue for your course. Despite the individualized and thus varying topics, all sections of English 2 should help students:

  1. Develop their rhetorical capacities (their abilities to be persuasive in the context of various audiences and genres),
  2. Develop their research skills,
  3. Learn to write various types of arguments, and
  4. Practice composing arguments in a multimodal (typically a digital, public facing) genre.

Choosing a Course Topic

We encourage you to choose a topic that both plays to your strengths and interests as a teacher and that provides students with good opportunities to think rhetorically, to conduct research, to compose different types of arguments, and to compose for various audiences (in at least one instance, in a multimodal form). Here is a sampling of course topics (designed and taught by Lehigh instructors) that have worked well in the context of the updated curriculum:

  • Free Speech
  • Place & Community
  • Hip Hop Nation: Art, Culture & Politics
  • Human Rights & Abuses
  • Media & Culture
  • Science, Public Health & Media
  • Public Rhetoric & Activism
  • Gambling
  • Gender in Popular Culture
  • Consumerism
  • Food
  • Technology & Society