Conceptual Frameworks

Shown above is the NewTrition team’s conceptual framework for the problem of child stunting in Sierra Leone. The basis of the framework revolves around “the three A’s”: availability, accessibility, and affordability. Feeding into these “A’s” are basic issues like poor infrastructure, lack of education, and cultural norms. The three “A’s” lead into more serious issues such as food insecurity and disease. Additionally, lack of proper health care is a major reason for disease in Sierra Leone. Lastly, food insecurity and disease are the 2 main reasons for the overall problem of child stunting.

Shown above is our solution conceptual framework. Two products, the muffin and pudding, make up our venture called NewTrition. Through local ingredients and local farmers, street vendors, and supplements, we are able to increase the availability of our products, access to micronutrients, and affordability of these products. In the end, these three things are able to reduce the rates of child stunting.

2 Thoughts.

  1. I think this CF has all of the key elements necessary to explain your challenge and innovation. A few things I would tweak to make it clearer – in the diagram for the challenge the systemic causes should result in a lack of the 3 As (not affordable, not accessible, etc.), and in your solution I might link local ingredients, distribution, and supplements to the specific “A” that they address. For example, supplements seem most linked to access to micronutrients, rather than to affordability or availability.

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