GSIF Conceputal Framework

For our conceptual framework we decided to go with a cyclic basis for the visual, because of the cyclical nature of the GSIF program and how it always comes full circle. Moving from the inside out, impact is in the center because that is the central theme of all the work; positive impact is everyone ins GSIF’s motivating factor. Undergraduate students from all disciplines, professors, and in country partnerships, the three main players in GSIF, form a Venn diagram in the middle, all converging at impact. Where professors and in country partnerships overlap, things like knowledge transfer, research opportunities, and sharing in general lie. Between undergraduates and in country partners, both parties will gain perspective, cultural diversity, and again sharing of ideas. Lastly in the overlap of undergraduates and professors, there are things like hands-on learning, developing relationships, and prestige. As we move outward in the blue circle, we listed examples of the type of work we are doing, such as environmental innovations, food system engineering, educational innovations, etc. Going even further out, we specify a bit more the specifics of the projects that are ongoing right now such as providing sustainable and locally sources foods, reducing maternal mortality rates, reducing amounts of stray plastic, etc.

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  1. You have a lot of good information in this CF, but I don’t think the structure emphasizes the “paradigm shift” of the GSIF as well as it could. Maybe you could incorporate the same information in a way that addresses not only “what” the GSIF achieves for each stakeholder, but “how” it works. This could potentially be achieved by integrating more details on the various innovations you have listed on the outside.

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