• Emerging Memory and Logic Devices for Computing
Optimization of Projected Phase Change Memory for Analog In-Memory Computing Inference,” Advanced Electronic Materials

Boosting AI with Phase Change Memory (Nanowerk)
On the cover (Advanced Electronic Materials)

Impact of Analog Memory Device Failure on In-Memory Computing Inference Accuracy (APL Machine Learning)
Optimized Weight Programming for Analogue Memory based Deep Neural Networks

Properties of InAs metal-oxide-semiconductor structures with atomic-layer-deposited Al2O3Al2O3 Dielectric



  • Optoelectronic Devices for Optical Links


Tiny LED could light up a computer that fits on a speck of dust (Nature Research Highlight)

Ultra-low-power light-emitting diodes for Internet of Things and smart dust (Semiconductor Today)

Ultra-low-power sub-photon-voltage high-efficiency light-emitting diodes (Nature Photonics)

Monolithic III–V on Silicon Plasmonic Nanolaser Structure for Optical Interconnects




  • Flexible High Performance Electronics


Single Crystal Flexible Electronics Enabled by 3D Spalling (Advanced Materials)

Cost-Effective Layer Transfer by Controlled Spalling Technology (ECS Transactions)

Epitaxial lift-off process for gallium arsenide substrate reuse and flexible electronics



  • Heterogeneous Integration and Packaging


Dust-Sized High-Power-Density Photovoltaic Cells on Si and SOI Substrates for Wafer-Level-Packaged Small Edge Computers (Advanced Materials)

III-V photovoltaics for IoT dust (Semiconductor Today)

Solar-powered smart dust (Nanowerk)

Frontispiece (Advanced Materials)




  • Organic Electronics/Optoelectronics


Using Graphene as Transparent Electrodes for OLED Lighting (US Department of Energy Workshop)

Efficient and bright organic light-emitting diodes on single-layer graphene electrodes (Nature Communications)

Open circuit voltage enhancement due to reduced dark current in small molecule photovoltaic cells (Applied Physics Letters, one of the most downloaded papers)

China Flat Panel Display News



  • High-Speed (High-Power) Optoelectronic and Electronic Devices

High-Saturation-Current Charge-Compensated InGaAs/InP Uni-Traveling-Carrier Photodiode (IEEE Photon Tech Lett)

InGaAs/InAlAs Avalanche Photodiode with Undepleted Absorber (Appl Phys Lett)

Planar Short-Multimode Waveguide Evanescently-Coupled Balanced Photodetectors with Fully Depleted and Partially Depleted Absorber (Optical Fiber Communication (OFC) Conference )

High-saturation current wide-bandwidth photodetectors