Guy Kawasaki Blog Post 8


  1. For Ukweli, it is imperative that we find employees and advocates for this venture are infected with the Ukweli dream. Guy Kawasaki discussed the topic of finding soulmates and hire infected people to make any project or venture succeed.
  2. I really liked the way Guy talked about money. He said “that’s my money in your purse” it is the business’s job to get that money! So, how does Ukweli do that? This is reliant on how we encourage demand through sensitization, marketing, and Ukweli Health Worker training.
  3. MAT (Milestones, Assumptions, and Tasks) are extremely important to consider in our venture. We continually have a problem of working on some aspects of our venture that are not the most important in the long term. This is a bold statement. Yes, all aspects are important for our venture, but some are drastically more important than others. For example, coordinating and developing radio programs are great, but they serve no purpose unless UHWs actually have Test Strips
  4. MAT (Milestones, Assumptions, and Tasks) Since we are not in country at the moment many of our plans are built on assumptions and this could make or break our venture. Tasks tie assumptions with milestones- We plan to test our assumptions in country in order to refine our operations. This translates to the big milestone of Ukweli’s official launch date!
  5. Something that will make or break our venture is the idea from the first retreat. One of the comics portrayed someone selling a lamp to a community member. The community member was more willing to spend 50 cents a day for 50 days rather than spending 20 Dollars right now. This speaks to the culture and the variability of disposable income. Guy’s mantra’s of Think differently and don’t be afraid to polarize people. Resonates with is both insightful and challenging as we navigate through this challenge. I believe that this will result in UHWs pooling their money to purchase test strip bottles


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