SKS and Goals

SKS Exercise Results

Start: communicating more honestly with each other for the good of our work and hold each other accountable in a healthy way that does not sacrifice the mental well-being of each team member. We will do this by performing active-listening exercises as a team/individuals.

Keep: the checking-in on each other to see how we are each doing both personally and professionally, and continue motivating each other through encouragement/positive reinforcement.

Stop: being frustrated and taking it out on other team members, and stop completing work for someone without asking when another person is assigned to that task.

Collaboration Plan

Small Goal: Help the mothers of Sierra Leone, obtain SLA approval, develop a communication system for UHWs through WhatsApp, complete mapping of PHUs to the extent possible

Big Goal: Create a self-sustaining system that changes the way maternal conditions are identified and followed up with appropriate care


Skyler: communication

Spencer: Data Collection

Anneke: Financial Processes/oversight

Noah: Support

Procedures/Relationships: Thus far, whenever we are unsure of which direction to go in as a group, we defer our thoughts to Khanjan and he will usually talk us through any challenges and reason with us why we should or should not do something. Generally speaking, we are able to come to a consensus without issue. I believe that we each respect each other enough to listen to what each individual is thinking and how we can get to our desired end result for whatever task is at hand.

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  1. Good work identifying how you will achieve each SKS action you identified in the exercise. For further reflection, I would keep thinking about how the different roles you have interact, and how they come together to accomplish your big goal. Hope you are all well!

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