Three-Handled Palace Style Amphora

This amphora is from the end of the Palace Period (aprox. 1900-1350 BC). The style had been used in previous periods, but this vessels shows the progress of pottery-making with its carefully executed design. The amphora shows a helmet with boar’s tusks. The remaining decorative curved lines are thought to be abstracted landscapes.

Ελληνική Τέχνη, Η αυγή της ελληνικής τέχνης, Αθήνα, 1994, αρ. 20, 155, 318

Vapheio Cups

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Found in the Vapheio tholos tomb.
Early 15th century BC

This gold cup was a set of two found in the tomb. The decoration of the cup shows a bull being captured in a net while hunters are being chased away by another bull on the back side (2nd image). The impressions are very carefully detailed for a generally utilitarian item which is unique for this time.

Kilian-Dirlmeier I., Das Kuppelgrab von Vapheio. Die Beigabenausstattung in der Steinkiste, Jahrbuch des Romisch-Germanisches Zentralmuseums, Mainz, 1987, pp. 197-212

Minoan Pithoi

1600-1400BC (Palace of Minos)
Knossos Crete

Found in the West wing of the Palace of Minos. These Pithoi were most likely used for foods storage such as wine or grains. There were 150 pithoi found in the Palace of Minos but room in for close to 400; an indicator of the immense wealth of this palace.

Palace of Minos. West wing. Detail: magazine with pithoi in situ.. ca. 1600 BC-1400 BC. Artstor,