Bethlehem Steel

On Wednesday July 24, me and . Mrs. Newbegin went together to Bethlehem Steel, in order to discover the place and learn more about it. For example, I learned that the furnace’s temperature can reach up to 3000 fahrenheit!! it means that if you will enter that furnace for about two minutes you will turn into a Falafel. I post it in order to show many things:

  • First is to connect the tour with Stepup theme (Rediscovering the Past) and I think that it is connected because we discovered the past about Bethlehem Steel. I learned more about Betlehem Steel’s history, I learned that Bethlehem Steel was the second largest steel company in the country, and it produces steel that can cover the earth 336 time.
  • Second is to show the events that I did in Stepup, because it will be a great thing to remember. As I said before, I’m keeping it as memory to me, so I’m trying as hard as I can to post all the wonderful things that I did.


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