#2 Project presentation

While I was in this room, I present my second project. I was too nervous, but Mrs. Newbegin and Mrs. Kayla helped me to pass it. I was nervous because I have a problem in pronouncing words, so sometimes I pronounce words by mistake. Addition to that, I was afraid to repeat the same problems that I had in my first project, such as: Reading from the slides, using Uhh, umm, not moving. I really enjoy Communicating on Campus class, it’s my favorite, because I think that Mrs. Newbegin works hard in order to let learn new lessons without being . For example, her feedbacks in this project helped a lot to improve my presenting skills, also her polite way to show that really helped me a lot. I post in order to show my presentation skills, I know that I have mistakes, but I want to learn from it so that I will be able to preform will.

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