Women at Lehigh University

In Lehigh University, women were not accpeted at Lehigh University. so I read about it, and finally I wrote about it. It’s a big issue to talk about, so I wrote this issue from a timeline that Mr. Anotnio gaved us when he was not in class. I find it intersting to show how in the past women were treated when they were professors, students, because i’m discovering the past of women’s history in Lehigh University. So, that connects me to Stepup theme “Rediscovering the past”, were I discovered the past and learned more about it, and wrote about it. I think it’s cool to share, and to discover the past history of women in Lehigh. Addition to that, I discovered the women’s history in Lehigh University, and how they were treated, they actually were treated very rude, from professors, students, and even employees. So this helped a lot to learn more about it, and to know the past treatment that women used to face.

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