TED Talk

Every Wednesday, we have different TED talk discussion, so when my turn came, I chose this video to discuss about. In this video, the speaker uses different speaking skills, like using a hook, stressing the words, and different skills. Laura Schmidt is trying to show us the danger of eating unhealthy food, and what tricks that food companies uses to atract people, Coca-Cola in the past uses Cocaine as a ingreidint in her drinks! Wow, I just know that. I had several questions that I wrote, so if you want to test your self, her you go! I was the leader for the TED talk discussion, at that time I felt like i’m a boss. It’s a cool experience, thank you Mrs. Elena.

TED talk questions


Comprehension Questions:

1- What does 78% represents?


2- Why food companies uses scientists to check their food?


3-  What are the disease that appears early in childerns ?

Critical Thinking Questions:

1- Why did the speaker uses her phone? How it is connected to the topic?


2- Why did the speaker connected food with drugs?


3- Why a lot of food companies doesn’t make a full healthy food? Why it’s harmful?

Speech act or techniques used:

1- What the word “ping” means in minute 1:01?


2- What hook does the speaker uses?


3- Why does the speaker uses that move in minute 5:33?




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