Panel Discussion

On Thursday 1st Aug. we had our panel discussion. I’m the introducer, so I had a important role at that panel discussion. Our discussion was about Student Hierarchy in Lehigh University. So every one had a interview with students or experts, and had enough information about that topic. After that, we develop it and organize it in 5 general questions that we all can answer, so that it will be easier and better. Finally, we had the discussion. I was too nervous, but it went good. I think it will be a good memory to remmeber, so I decided to post it in order to keep as a memory. “Rediscovering the Past” is my goal, addition to that it’s Step up theme. It will help me later to discover what I did in the past,and keep it as a good memory. The theme helped to discover many things, such as my mistakes, so that I will not repeat it again.

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