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Inferential Learning & Privacy

As artificial intelligence algorithms make rapid strides in deriving seemingly hidden inferences from outwardly harmless data, the privacy o [...]

Cybersecurity in the Smart Electric Grid

Cyber-enabled Demand Side Management (DSM) plays a crucial role in smart grid by providing automated decision-making capabilities that selec [...]

Interactive Systems Security

The advent of massive sensing and increased human participation in systems both as data providers and as decision makers, the impact and imp [...]

Anonymity in Networks

Hiding identities of communicating parties in a networked system is essential to protect individuals form release of sensitive and private i [...]

Data Driven Inference and Control

As infrastructural systems rapidly grow in scale, complexity and interconnectedness, legacy operations driving the systems have shown to be [...]

Courses Offered

ECE 344/444: Introduction to Online and Reinforcement Learning In today’s cyber-physical-human world, learning to make optimal decisions i [...]
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