Participate in Research

Teens Talking: A Friendship Study

Teens (14-17) are invited to participate in Teens Talk: A Friendship Study, a research study at Lehigh University. In this study, we are interested in learning how friends’ behaviors during their interactions with each other relate to their physiological responses (e.g., heartrate), how they manage emotions or stress, and their overall well-being. Participation involves teens visiting our research lab with a friend of their choosing for a two-hour visit. The friends will: (1) apply sensors to measure heartrate, breathing, and sweat, (2) talk to their friends about different topics, (3) complete computer tasks, and (4) answer survey questions about social relationships and well-being. Teens will be invited to participate in a follow-up study one year later. Each teen receives a $25 Amazon gift card for participating.

Sign up here or contact Dr. Sarah Borowski (; 610-758-4627) for more information.