Computer Adaptive Tests

The QuALITY lab has partnered with Renaissance Learning as part of a sponsored research agreement to evaluate the use of computer adaptive tests (CATs; STAR-Reading and STAR-Math) within tiered systems of support. In particular, the project will explore:

  • The extent to which growth on STAR-Reading and STAR-Math explains performance on end of year achievement tests using quantile regression.
  • The relationship between growth on CATs and Curriculum-Based Measures using multivariate multilevel modeling techniques.
  • The accuracy of various decision rules as a means to evaluate student response to intervention using extant data and simulation methods.


Prior to this project, the QuALITY lab has explored the influence of duration and frequency of data collection, intervention fidelity, and trend estimation methods on growth outcomes from CATs. Qualifying projects from student lab members have evaluated the functional form of within-growth from CATs as well as the diagnostic accuracy of various gated screening frameworks that employed CATs. Below are example manuscripts from that research.


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