4/5/19 – Guy Kawasaki & Our Business Model

After listening to Guy Kawasaki’s talk on the Art of the Start, here are my takeaways and how they will help shape my venture:

  1.  “Polarize People” — When Kawasaki discussed this concept of polarizing people, it really stuck out to me.  He stressed eliminating ordinary people and ordinary ideas, and trying to think outside the box.
  2.  Hire people that are “infected”  — This point connects to the last, except it stresses more on who you want to surround on your team and partner network.  It emphasizes incorporating people who actually care about the project and the venture enough to get things done.
  3. Having meaning in your venture.
  4.  Avoid the “bozos”
  5.  Stay in tune with goals by recognizing milestones and things that are accomplished.

Seanna, Matt, and I composed this business model for our project:

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