Theory of Change and advancing the project forward

  1. List the top 20 questions your team needs to answer to advance the venture forward.


  1. We are able to diagnose Sickle Cell Anemia, so what?
  2. How can we implement our project, so that it stays relevant?
  3. Why hasn’t an initiative for this project not yet been started?
  4. If our project is successful, where can we go from there?
  5. How will the locals react or perceive our device?
  6. How do we work with individuals who are unsupportive of our research?
  7. What can we learn from the locals that could help us with the device?
  8. How will their culture affect our project?
  9. How will our project affect their culture?
  10. How is our project going to change Sierra Leone?
  11. What are other treatment or care options if they decide not to participate?
  12. If this project is successful, where can we go from there?
  13. How will we establish the operation from one clinic to millions of clinics?
  14. Is this a project that we will continue providing assistance to? Or do we pass this responsibility onto the locals?
  15. How will the devices be distributed?
  16. How will we make this project affordable to the locals?
  17. What’s this project’s incentive for Lehigh?
  18. How will the locals welcome this project?
  19. Is there a way where we can train the locals, in order to sustain the system?
  20. Are there problems or aspects of the research we don’t know about?

2. Develop and Visualize the Theory of Change (Logic Model) for your venture:


Spring Semester Goals:

  • Prove the detection of the HbS and HbA hemoglobin with our test strip (antibodies GS5 and GS4)
  • Optimizing the amounts of antibodies, beads and running buffer for the device (cost-effectiveness in consideration)
  • Prove the functionality of the Conveyor Belt with attached Syringe Pump
  • Finding the optimal dimension for test strips
  • Manufacturing/producing large amounts (~100) of test strips efficiently
  • Complete IRB/SLA forms for Lehigh Health Valley and Sierra Leone at Lehigh (Discuss with other Sierra Leone groups)
  • Receive IRB approval for obtaining HbS blood samples from the Lehigh Valley Health Network

Summer Goals (Mountaintop):

  • Prepare 100+ test strips and reagents for clinical trial and demonstration purposes.
  • Run shelf life experiments 
  • Develop interview and questionnaire questions for Sierra Leone 

Sierra Leone Field Trip:

  • Carry out clinical trials with locals who are confirmed as sickle cell patients through one of the programs: SCCAN or Sickle Cell Society
  • Carry out interviews with recruited patients about their livelihood after being diagnosed with sickle cell (perception)
  • Research for a potential Case Study publication for the Fall 2020 semester







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  1. Good job distinguishing how outcomes can look different in short vs long term. I really like your question “why hasn’t an initiative for this project been started yet,” and I think thinking about potential answers for that will reveal the key challenges you need to overcome to have success.

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