Day 6: A Splendid Sabbath

“And on the seventh day [the GSIF Safe Motherhood Documentary students] ended Their work which They had done, and They rested on the seventh day from all Their work which They had done.” Or so the scripture (prophesy?) said, yet reality had something else in store. Rising with less zeal than normal, desperately in need of a rest, we persevered and had a day of logistical fun.
We managed to transcribe a solid portion of our existing interviews, a slow, laborious process considering the slow wifi speed, heavy accents, and multiple translation files we had to parse through for each interview. Later on in the day, functioning as a much needed break from the monotony of transcription, we managed to review our mounds of footage with Stephine Veto, the university videographer. Quickly sifting through oor footage, she provided invaluable insight into how we could improve for the future.
These insights, critical to our progress going forward, could not have come at a better time considering the day we have planned for tomorrow (stay tuned!!) and need to be ready to perform at optimal levels. The brilliant timing was further supported by the fact that Stephine and her husband, Matt Veto (shoutout both of yall, much love and travel safe (: ) are scheduled to head back to the states tomorrow at noon. Thankfully, their collective experience and knowledge helped us hit the ground running in the country and today’s advice was just icing on the cake. We wouldn’t be where we are without you Mr. and Mrs. Veto!!! Thanks bunches again!
Anyway, with that gushy, emotional outburst over I can wrap things up here with the last bit of notable news. Now this isn’t to say the event about to occur isn’t big – were quacking in our boots with excitement over here actually. But enough build up, the big news here is… Our brilliant project advisor Michael Kramp (English department, Lehigh University, Bethlehem PA, USA) is joining us. He’s been enroute for two days now thanks to some pesky delays, but despite the setbacks we know he’s revved up and ready to go!
And so ends our first week in Sierra Leone. We made some memories, had a few laughs, got way more footage than we expected, and are ready for more! We finally have our schedule fully planned for the rest of the trip and feel like there will be some powerful interviews in our near future (and not to mention some sick b-roll!). As always, stay tuned and have a beautiful night.

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