Day 7: Monday Mayhem with Michael

Monday morning marked the beginning of an exciting new week. It was also the day we said goodbye to two of our advisors, Steph and Matt Veto, and welcomed our third advisor, Professor Michael Kramp. After two days of travel delays, Michael surprisingly arrived with loads of energy and a zest for life that we were lacking after a week of long days. His energy was revitalizing, however, and we had a very productive day.

We travelled to a rural village called Lungi. With our translator Yakuba’s help, we got approval from the village chief to film. We interviewed a Traditional Birth Attendant, Community Health Officer, Traditional Healer, and two mothers in the village. They were all very welcoming and we learned a lot from their interviews.

After interviewing, we walked through the village, surrounded by about 30 children all screaming “apato!” which means “white man.” Professor Kramp played soccer with the kids to distract them while we got some footage of daily life. It was a very overwhelming filming experience, with chickens running every which way and kids shouting in the background of all of our film. It was an extremely authentic experience, however, and we were thankful for the village’s kindness.

After the busy energy of the village, we were very tired. We drove back to World Hope and dumped our footage before heading to the restaurant for dinner. We had a team meeting in the evening and planned the rest of our week. Looking ahead, we will have a busy couple of days! We are all excited to see what the next few days entail.

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