03/24 Spencer Moros

Post #8

List five compelling take-aways from the Art of the Start. 

  1. Only ask people what you yourself would do.
  2. Presentations must be short and concise in order to keep the audience’s attention.
  3. Do not try to satisfy everyone or you’ll have a product which is too broad and does not satisfy anyone.
  4. Money will follow truly revolutionary ideas which are executed well, should not be sole driving factor.
  5. The idea you have must be novel or use a novel approach.


Articulate your value propositions for your diverse customer segments. 

For the mothers in Sierra Leone, who are susceptible to UTIs and Preeclampsia, our Ukweli Test Strip is a straight forward, affordable testing strip for UTIs and Preeclampsia that could save their lives and increase their quality of life.

Discuss your Total Available Market and Total Addressable Market. List all your assumptions and hypothesis.

Our Total Available Market right now is all the mothers in Sierra Leone.  That would be a catchment population of about 3 million women by next summer. Our Total Addressable Market is the women that are currently served in our catchment population, so women who have a Ukweli Certified Health Worker in their community who has test strips. So far we have reached about 250,000 women by training CHWs in their communities.

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