04/07 Spencer Moros

Blog #9


  1. Develop a Business Model for your venture using the Osterwalder Business Model Canvas. 


Value Propositions

For mothers in Sierra Leone, our Ukweli Test Strip is a simple, affordable testing strip for UTIs and preeclampsia that could save their lives and increase their quality of life by identifying potential health issues.

Customer Relationships


User Communities



Community Health Workers


Customer Segments

Women in Sierra Leone 

Community Health Workers 


Revenue Streams

Funding from Organizations

Selling of the actual test strips to CHWs


Key Resources 

Test Strips (OEM)


Intellectual→ Connections on the ground Hassan and his connections, data collection, 

Human→ Hassan, Allieu, Bockarie

Financial→ Funding from world hope and other organizations

Cost Structure 

Sell strips to UHWs/NICs to distribute to the catchment population–>bottle of strips cost 50,000 SL


Key Activities

*big idea 

For the Lehigh team, we need to continuously be 

  • Communicating and directing on-site UHWs (Ukweli-certified Health Workers) 
  • Collecting, storing, managing, and communicating data from fieldwork to necessary stakeholders
  • WhatsApp communication with CHWs in order to maintain relationships 


Key Partners

World Hope


Hassan, Allieu, Bockarie


  1. List ten lessons from the Business and Operations model of the Aravind Eye Hospital.


  1. Franchise system for eye care, same delivery and quality
  2. Important to identify those who need help in the first place
  3. Developing a system which integrates the communities
  4. Hub-and-Spoke model: base hospitals, vision centers, managed hospitals
  5. Use technology to increase accessibility
  6. Fixed pricing which takes into account 
  7. Focus on non-customer, grows market
  8. Gave a lot away for free, had those who could pay cover the costs of the free treatments
  9. Created competition by training other hospitals and cheaper consumables, result is beneficial to patients
  10. Cost is not directly related to quality or efficiency of care
  11. OWN THE PROBLEM – create compassion, encourage people to act

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