05/03 Spencer Moros

  1. Refine the detailed income statement for your venture for two years (at six month intervals) or a more appropriate time scale. Explicitly state the assumptions that underlie your financial model.

2. Refine the Business Model for your venture based on your revenue model. You may use the Osterwalder BMC to refine your business model but prepare one or more visuals that explain how your venture will work and accomplish your BHAG.

3. Develop an M&E plan for your venture.

  • Clearly list all assumptions.
  • Identify short-term and long-term success metrics.
  • Identify specific methods to measure the metrics.


Metrics of Success

  1. Maternal Mortality
  2. Profit

Long Term

  • Maternal Mortality
  • Number of people tested positive, and then pursued treatment
  • Number of districts / countries
  • Expansion into other Sub-saharan countries


Short Term – collected by DM on the ground reported back to Lehigh time digitally, along with PDFs of original documents

  • Catchment Population
  • Number of PHUs onboarded
  • Number of people tested positive
  • Number of test strip boxes sold
  • COGs and Overhead costs
  • Number of women tested
  • Number of clinics

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