5 Steps for Working from Home Securely

Information security related crime thrives on change. Responses to COVID-19 are pushing changes to the way we work faster than we have ever experienced. As we transition from a “go to work” to a “work at home” culture we will become inundated with attacks. SANS Institute, a well-known Information Security training company, has published 5 steps everyone can take to work at home securely.  I’ll add one more:

Step 0: Trust nothing. If you have any doubts about a message contact the sender through another channel. For example, you receive an email asking you to take action. Don’t hit reply! Call them at the number you know you can reach them (not from the email) or open a new message and type their email that you know them from.


Please contact security@lehigh.edu or the Help Desk if you have any questions or concerns.

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