Days 12, 13 & 14: Passing the Time with Politics and Pups

Hello world, we’re back. Its been another weekend of planning, market adventures and not going to clinics or hospitals because they are closed. In order to sum up our new market adventures here is a haiku.

Haiku: based on the random appearance of the VP

caravan of guns
vice president drove up, down
silent, no cheers, waves

Here is a little bit of background: This is an APC (All Peoples Congress) area, the vice president is apart of the SLPP (Sierra Leone Peoples Party) therefore no one was too happy to see him. Belle (mushroom team) and I (Maria) waved as they went by but we our excitement was not shared with Jawara, our guide.

With our two weeks of experience in Sierra Leone we also started to venture further and further into the market and surrounding city. We found the local sports complex that had a turf field, basketball courts and bleachers. We also found the fruit stands. For 3 days I ate avocado and bread for at least 5 meals.

Heres an update on the dogs.
There is now two. Ones name is Lucky, pronounced Loki. The other dog, the new guy, is named Boots because of his brown body and white feet that make it look like he is wearing boots. Boots was found by one of our drivers, Swallou, during a rain storm. He had been washed down the road and landed outside of Swallou’s house. Swallou adopted Boots for a night and then brought him to World Hope the next day where he knew he would fit in and be loved.

They both have fleas and Lucky has a skin condition but they are still incredibly cute and very friendly. If we were here for any longer (because they need to have a rabies shot for 30 days) I would 100% take them home with me.

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