August 21, 2019 (Last Day!)

Our last day in Makeni was emotional but successful.


Yesterday, we finished collecting data for our last pudding recipe, leaving us with around 180 data points and 3 different recipes for the pudding! Today, Kayla, Neena, Karli, and our translators went to the last village- Makama, to collect data on the last muffin recipe. We received around 200 data points on 5 different muffin recipes throughout the trip! We were able to surpass our goal of 150 surveys very easily.

In the next few weeks/months, there is a lot of work to be done to analyze the data, write a paper on our experience, and apply for funding for the next stages of our venture. We expect our product to be sold in the market setting.


We said goodbye to our friends at World Hope and had an emotional last dinner at Mabinti’s with our translators- Yakuba, Ibrahim, and Abubakkar. We also had the first ever GSIF talent show where Chris represented our team very well 🙂

All in all, our team had a very successful fieldwork experience. We not only were able to surpass our interview goal, but we also were able to grow as a team. We were faced with what seemed like endless obstacles, but all of our team members stepped up each and every time. We are excited to recap our success to Professor Herz and Professor Pinter, and plan the next steps of our project. In the meantime, we can’t wait to get to the beach and the Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary in Freetown.

This is NewTrition signing off until the fall semester! Thanks for keeping up with our team!


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