Searching in the Stacks (for love)

Lehigh University was always different to me since Bethlehem was my hometown. The lifestyle here was always more peaceful and slower than the frenetic pace of comparable universities. The Linderman Library contributed to that uniqueness by making communal studying a joy rather than a burden, especially after the renovation as more technology and sleeker architecture blended with the old beautiful stacks and rotunda. Many of the memories as an alumnus were made in the stacks of the Linderman Library, where I courted my beautiful wife, Grace.

Both of us were history majors, more worried about our esoteric research interests and less about matters of love. We both grew up in the households of college professors so our temperaments were more suited to books. My fondest memories of Lehigh are of taking courses in history where I first met Grace. Of course we ended up doing a lot of homework together and Linderman had most of the books we needed.

Seven years later I realized that I had met someone with whom to share my life for eternity. I had just finished my Master of Arts in History and was working on my Master of Library and Information Science while working full-time at the Fairchild-Martindale Library. It is funny how both Lehigh and libraries keeps being an inescapable element of my life. Some people said the timing was wrong but I thought the timing could not have been more perfect.

On May 21, 2011 we found ourselves in front of the altar of Grace’s hometown church and joined in holy matrimony. Naturally we thought it appropriate to have our wedding photos taken at the same library where we did such things as eat takeout from Quiznos while reading about carrier warfare tactics. With the blessings of LTS we rushed over after the wedding and took a long series of photographs before hurrying off again to a traditional twelve course Chinese banquet.

Lehigh University will always be a part of me. Its exceptional libraries fulfilled both my desire for knowledge and my pursuit for that special someone. I did a lot of searching in those stacks, not just for books, but for someone that defies MARC cataloging standards. Somewhere in the 300 fields I could probably enter “Female, 5’0”, Italian, generally cantankerous.”

7 thoughts on “Searching in the Stacks (for love)

  1. That is such a sweet story! Having photographs taken at the Library was a beautiful way to honor the role that Linderman Library played in your courtship. I wish you two much joy.

  2. Terrific news and what a sweet introduction to us all to begin your walk together through life. Bennett and I recently returned to the library at Cornell for some genealogical (sp?) research (history) and being there reminded me of my wonderful last Spring semester on campus studyin an anthropology course about Japan, Korea and the various tribes. This work of course necessitated spending time in the stacks of Olin Library on campus in their Asian collection – wonderful. Had a known what I know now but I did not I might have studied a different curriculum – anthro was fun!! And I wrote my final in a room by myself and enjoyed it after appendectomy that kept me from joining the others at the first exam. But this doesn’t concern your wedding and future together. It looks to me like this wedding was Heaven sent……so very happy for you both!! THANK YOU for sharing with us. Many blessings in your marriage, Num. 6:24-26. I am not your parent but I am your friend and want to bless you in this way as you begin life together……..

  3. I really love the pictures and you are definitely a match made in the stacks ha ha! Best wishes for a long happy union. And I would catalog you under “Best Friends” or “Soul Mates”.

  4. To see your friendship and love blossom over the years, it was in my prayers that one day it would bring you together at the alter! Thank you for inviting me to share all of it with you! Your post and pictures bring tears of joy to me. Love always!

  5. Congratulations! I am so delighted to see not one but two of my former students doing so well and finding happiness (together!). Thank you for sharing the special role that Linderman plays in your lives as well.

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