Alumni Access To ProQuest…Better Than Brownies!

Lehigh is known for her incredibly curious, creative students, and so it is no surprise that for most of our alumni, graduation does not mark the end of their education. Rather, our alumni find themselves just starting on a path of lifelong learning. In addition to The Goose, brazen squirrels, and the rich, chocolately goodness of Lehigh brownies, recent graduates can find themselves also longing for the good old days when they had access to a wealth of books, journals, and library databases. Well, long no more, dear alumni.

While we can’t beam you back to your favorite study nook in Linderman or Fairchild Martindale, we can offer you access to a selection of electronic journals via our alumni subscription to ProQuest’s ABI Inform and Research Library databases. The Library has prepared a guide to show you how to get access to these subscription databases. ProQuest covers a wide variety of topics with scholarly journals in subject areas ranging from business to history to mathematics. Librarian support is also important when doing research, so in the library guide, you will find my contact information. If you have any questions about how to get access to the alumni library resources or even if you just have a tricky research question, please let me know.

While the Library is thrilled to be able to provide ProQuest to our alumni, I would be remiss if I did not mention another great resource available to alumni…your local public library. Here in Pennsylvania, public library card holders have AccessPA’s POWER Library available to them. POWER Library is a state-wide collection of electronic resources available to anyone with a PA library card.  To use POWER Library, patrons click on the POWER Library icon from their local public library’s web site, and enter the barcode number from the back of their library cards into the box provided. Additional database coverage will vary by individual library so make sure to visit your local public library’s web site to see what online resources they offer and for your library’s link to POWER Library. When you visit your public library’s web site, you may be surprised to find out that they also offer downloadable e-books. Again, availability of downloadable e-books will vary by individual library.

So remember, just because you’ve left South Mountain, you still have Lehigh’s Libraries to support you in your lifelong quest for knowledge. And knowledge won’t bring back the freshman 15 like those brownies will!

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