Our Research


Stereotypes in Interracial Interactions

What makes interracial interactions go well?
What causes them to fall apart?
Do stereotypical racial group members affect behavior in interracial interactions?


Race Relations in Virtual Reality

Does interracial interaction anxiety exist in VR? If so, can VR interracial encounters improve interracial comfort?
Can racial embodiment improve cross-understanding and empathy?


Stereotype Threat

Can negative group stereotypes undermine performance and learning?
To what extent do situational cues increase and decrease stereotype threat?


Selves in Contact: Can understanding racial group members’ sociocultural context defuse tense intergroup contact situations?
Race and Space: Do negative associations between race and physical space impact beliefs and behavior?


Courtney Bonam, Ph.D., UC Santa Cruz →
Assistant Professor of Psychology (Social Psychology)
Principle Investigator of the Race and Social Justice Lab

Tiffany Brannon, Ph.D., UCLA 
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Principle Investigator of the Culture and Contact Social Psychology Lab

Patrick Forscher, Ph.D., Université Grenoble-Alpes 
Research Scientist in streamlining the scientific process of Psychology
Finds sustainable funding for the Psychological Science Accelerator

Mary C. Murphy, Ph.D., Indiana University 
Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences & Associate Vice Provost for Diversity and Inclusion
Principle Investigator of the Mind and Identity in Context Lab

J. Nicole Shelton, Ph.D., Princeton University 
Professor of Psychology
Head of Butler College (Princeton)

Gregory M. Walton, Ph.D., Stanford University 
Associate Professor of Psychology
Michael Forman Bass University Fellow in Undergraduate Education

Daphnie Sicre, Ph.D., Loyola Marymount University →
Assistant Professor of Theatre Arts