Welcome to the 2020 Summer Project Expo!

On this page, you will find video presentations and synopses of 40 project teams.
All of these projects are real-world, impact-focused, and inquiry-driven.
25 of the projects are from the Mountaintop Summer Experience; 15 are from the (inaugural) Data for Impact Summer Institute. Click on the program name in the menu in order to access the projects.
Between these two programs, over 200 students and 50 faculty participated, all virtually. These teams made remarkable progress and most will continue into the fall semester. Nearly all of these projects are continuing, multi-year endeavors, so these videos represent a snapshot of their progress as of end of July 2020.
The Office of Creative Inquiry would like to thank our collaborators on the Data for Impact institute: the Martindale Center for the Study of Private Enterprise, and the Institute for Data, Intelligent Systems, and Computation (I-DISC).
We would also like to thank the over 40 Innovators in Residence who beamed in from all corners of the world to give talks and meet with our teams, offering them resources, connections, and challenging questions.
Browse – watch all the videos at your own pace – and then…sign up to attend our summer-end Press Conferences next week (August 3-7).