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Artificial Intelligence and Service Robotics
By Lauren Ludwig 04/13/2020 There is a huge growth in the utilization of artificial intelligence and robots to assist companies and consumers in all types of industries. Healthcare and retailers are all using AI in order to facilitate daily ope (More)
Artificial Intelligence And Service Robots - Should We Be Scared?
By Lucy McGinty 03/27/2020 While artificial intelligence was first introduced in 1956, it has gained a lot of attention and focus in the last several years. As many computer scientists and corporations have demonstrated interest in utilizing se (More)
How is Artificial Intelligence Making TikTok Tick?
By Nicole Sparacio 03/28/2020 TikTok is the new social media app that is taking the world by storm. With over 1 billion users and millions of videos uploaded daily, TikTok’s popularity has continued to spike in the past year. A social media vid (More)
The Benefits And Potential Harms of AI And Service Robotics
By Kayla Rabin 03/28/2020 Artificial intelligence and service robotics are becoming increasingly more embedded into our society. In class, we talked about a restaurant called “Spyce”, located in Boston and established by MIT students, which has (More)
The Dangers of Invention: Artificial Intelligence as a Catalyst to Humanity’s End
The most innovative and groundbreaking technology currently being developed is Artificial Intelligence. While we may be decades away from being able to create any form of sentient life, basic Artificially Intelligent systems are already being impleme (More)

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