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What is a Parklet?
Parklets are small public parks that aim to improve the pedestrian experience in urban neighborhoods to create safer, cleaner, greener, friendlier, and more walkable communities. Parklets, such as the one on Bethlehem's Broad St., are usually install (More)
The Evolvement of the Connotation ‘Refugee’
To understand the meaning of the word “refugee” and the evolvement of its connotation, I wrote a definition argument about the term. This definition argument concentrates on the evolvement of the connotation of the term in the United States. Currentl (More)
Understanding the Term
To understand the Refugee Crisis it is essential to understand the meaning and the connotation of the word "refugee." This term is usually confused with the word "immigrant" since it has very similar meanings. UNHCR, the agency of the United Nations (More)
Abortion : Defined
English 2 Definition Paper Abortion-1832p92 If someone were to use the term ‘abortion’ which emotions would most likely be triggered f (More)

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