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Old Pathos
My head pounds. I can hear my heart beat like a drum in my ears. It’s so damn loud. For heaven's sake, I thought hearts belonged in your chest, not your ears. Past my heartbeat, I hear voices and the distant clicking sounds of cameras. I'm lying face (More)
Endings Are Subjective
It hit me as I sat there. It was over wasn’t it? It was a cold Thursday night; the breeze blew through my jacket as the moon glowed high above. I sat outside the empty mall, just minutes after it shut its doors. Through the glass doors I could see em (More)
Being Human
Broken but standing, the sculpture from Fractured Series by Paul Sisko stands in front of Lewis Lab like a lone wolf. It has been standing there through rain and wind and endless winters. The same can be said about all the other sculptures too. All o (More)
The Perfect Ideal Woman
On a quiet Friday evening, along a path filled with trees that stand tall on both sides of the road and shield away the sunlight, a gentle wind was blowing. The wind was blowing so tenderly as if a music was playing softly, asking visitors to stop, c (More)
Summer Reading: Marge Piercy
Tackling T.I.N.A. is excited to announce that The Longings of Women by Marge Piercy is officially our summer reading selection. You ca (More)

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