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GSIF BlogPost November 27 2020
Living an Impact-Focused Life What’s your Why? I believe I was put on this earth to: I believe I was put on this earth to live the sort of life I want to lead.     My purpose is to: My purpose is to find success in what (More)
GSIF Blog Post November 14 2020
GSIF Blog Post November 6 2020
Blog Post: November 6, 2020   More)
GSIF Blog Post October 25 2020
October 23 Blog Post Teammates: Rozhin and Brianna If you are the Chief of Police for Afghanistan, what solution would you develop to pay the cops that are actually working, reduce corruption, and boost their morale If our team were actin (More)
GSIF Blog Post October 9 2020
Describe at least 5 partnerships with individuals and/or organizations that have been formed to support your project and that impact the success or failure of your venture.    Partnerships Impact Sierra Leone Autistic Society -W (More)
GSIF Blog Post October 2 2020
October 2, 2020 List ten specific ways in which your teaming approach has changed/evolved since you started, teamwork skills you have developed, and lessons you have learned.  A) Teaming Approach: All of us had individual roles and areas of e (More)
GSIF Blog Post September 25 2020
September 25, 2020 Blog Post: 20 Frequently Asked Questions   Why can’t you use other diagnostic tools already created? They have low sensitivity and specificity rates across cultures. They are not always feasible in low-income countr (More)
GSIF Blog Post September 18, 2020
September 15, 2020   Part 1: Ethical Decision-Making  In a certain region of East Africa, the growth of ~35% of the children is stunted due to poor nutrition. Traditionally, maize and bananas are the items most commonly made into a grue (More)
GSIF Blog Post September 11, 2020
11 September, 2020 Step 1: Determine the facts in the situation - obtain all of the unbiased facts possible  An international donor organization sent gifts for children under the age of 14 to a youth center in Kenya The kids and staf (More)
GSIF Blog Post August 28 2020
28 August, 2020 Step 1: Determine the facts in the situation - obtain all of the unbiased facts possible. Clearly state the ethical issue. The ethical issue in this prompt is one where the designer has to decide whether to get rid of the self-disa (More)
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