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Ethnobotany final
[embeddoc url="https://wordpress.lehigh.edu/ajj221/files/2020/05/ES196_Final_Exam_Jennewine.pdf" download="all" viewer="google" ] (More)
“Rivers of Sand” Film Review
[embeddoc url="https://wordpress.lehigh.edu/ajj221/files/2020/05/ANTH011FilmReview_Jennewine-3.pdf" download="all" viewer="google" ] (More)
Kinship inventory of the Jennewine, Boatman, Chase, and Hall/Capps Patrilineal Lineages
[embeddoc url="https://wordpress.lehigh.edu/ajj221/files/2020/05/ANTH011RP1_Jennewine-3-2.pdf" download="all" viewer="google" ] (More)
Foreword ('17)
Language, whether spoken or written, whether seen or heard, can hurt as well as heal. It can confine and it can liberate. The mere words we choose can turn boundaries into borders, walls into bridges, and mountainous obstacles into navigable passages (More)
When I Was a Writer
If I can’t write, what kind of person would I be? This is the question that often comes to my mind. If it comes true, the sincerest way for me to express my idea is speaking. Personally, I am not used to expressing my emotions verbally, especially lo (More)
Between Classes
The Memorial Walkway, which is usually crowded with students commuting from one class to another and noisy as they share little stories from their busy day, is quiet and calm. The rustling sound of the gentle wind and chirping of the birds and cricke (More)
Undeniably, it is not salient. It does not possess the enticing details of pieta nor the exciting fervor of The Kiss. Thousands fail to notice the figure they pass by every day because of its failure to capture their attention. However, it possesses (More)
Foreward (2018)
The importance of a voice within a community is vital to its growth. The many voices represented at Lehigh University highlight the diversity on our campus. International Voices: Intercultural Literary Journal embraces these diverse voices through cr (More)

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