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The Wonder of Tioman Island
An unknown world beyond the watery, glittering horizon gradually dragged down the flaming orange orb. As it was sinking, its warm ray blended into the cool sky. Sparkling tides bravely threw themselves into the embrace of the shore, hitting wave upon (More)
Little Did We Know
For a long while, I always believed it was only time which had been holding me back, and I always told myself that one day when time was on my side, I would have a grip of what I truly wanted and I would conquer anything. I shouldn't have been that h (More)
Hidden Noodles
Hidden Café, which was located on the lower level of Building B in my high school, was an ideal place for anyone who needed an escape. This café was not recognized by my high school as an official dining hall, but had secretly opened to serve the gro (More)
Please Speak Shanghainese
“Clean up the floor.” The cold voice of my third granduncle spurred my senses. “Don’t be a coward.” I was so nervous, but I followed what he said. I grabbed the rug from the floor and started to clean up the mess I had made. I cannot forget this scen (More)
Moving Forward
"For my grandmother, my birth is a total failure." This was the first sentence of an essay named "Failure," which I wrote in my senior year English class. I never told anyone about being discriminated against by my grandmother because of my gender un (More)

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