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Project Methodology
Given our team's goal of improving the pedestrian experience in the Broad St. neighborhood, it is important for us to collect data that speaks to pedestrian concerns. We used data collection tools designed to capture local perceptions of the Broad St (More)
Parklet Data Analysis: Social Media Response
During the week of June 17, 2018, three local news sources covered the installation of our Broad Street Parklet (see More)
Parklet Data Analysis: On-Site Observations
In this post, we explore the data collected from six weeks of field work on Broad Street, accounting for over 15 hours of on-site study and recording the behavior of nearly 3,000 total pedestrians. Key Discoveries Roughly half (47%) of all pede (More)
Parklet Data Analysis: User Perception Surveys
In this post, we explore the data collected from 70+ parklet user perception surveys collected during July of 2018. Our questions ask participants to consider the economic impact of parklets and the effect they have on the surrounding community atmos (More)
News Coverage: The Morning Call
On June 22, 2018, The Morning Call published an article, "In Bethlehem, park your keisters here," covering the parklet project and insta (More)

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