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Do I dare say–?
People – oh no, Do I dare say, “People!” Excuse me, everything is rather pressing. Where’s the space? Let alone the time… A glimmer of solidarity Is swept with the addition of a Branded string of letters. The words – Those wor (More)
Secondary Source Analysis of Emily Dickinson's "I'm wife– I've finished that–"
[embeddoc url="https://wordpress.lehigh.edu/ajj221/files/2018/12/SecondarySource_Jennewine-1e7modp.docx" download="all" viewer="google" ] (More)
Sylvia Plath's "Mirror" through oppressive roots
[embeddoc url="https://wordpress.lehigh.edu/ajj221/files/2018/12/Sylvia-Plath-q0hbkn.docx" download="all" viewer="google" ] (More)
Sonnet 12
Luke Karam Professor Whitley English 100 10 September 2018 Sonnet 12 – Shakespeare             In Sonnet 12 Shakespeare uses a variety of metaphors and imagery related to nature to say to a young man that one day his time will in this worl (More)
Hills Like White Elephants
Luke Karam Professor Whitley English 100 1 October 2018 Hills Like White Elephants             In “Hills Like White Elephants”, Ernest Hemingway is using personification and metaphors to paint us a picture of a troubled relationship betwee (More)
Time Is Not The Miracle
I'm walking down through the ages All I can hope for is luck I am surrounded by people All that they do is they rush Unlimited, and guaranteed Their live life in their misery Unlimited, not valuable Time is not the miracle I read the books ab (More)
You And I Were Green
Take me. . . Envelop me into your light And please mold me into a creation of your own liking Please make me yours These are the thoughts I had when I first met you. . . I wanted to love you. . . I loved you since before I even knew what love w (More)
Heartbreak at 3
This one wraps his love in a ball while the sun is dawning, Twists his fingers and turns it into butterflies That he can feed my open mouth while I snore So when I wake, There’s a ball of butterflies in my stomach But there’s always empty space (More)
[at unfamiliar hours of the day]
at unfamiliar hours of the day when the second hand ceases to move and the minute hand gains speed our moment is lost even before it appears. these are the lost hours of the in-between, when our everlasting embers fade to the remnants of a dyin (More)
Ring of Death
There are only two things we pass down from generation to generation The ring of life and the ring of death The ring of life will be shorter than you think And the ring of death will be longer than you could ever fathom. Your grandmother died of (More)
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