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Ongoing Projects
Most broadly, our research focuses on gender-based violence, and how various policies and programs aim to help survivors and/or victims of gender-based violence. We are currently engaged in a number of projects examining: Rape culture within t (More)
Research Articles
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Define it! Consciousness Raising as Rape Prevention
https://youtu.be/RD06tMxr4bg (More)
The Alleged Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan Photograph: A Research Librarian Perspective
By Brian Simboli [contact: brs4@lehigh.edu] This posting concerns a short-lived but exciting involvement I had concerning the mystery of Amelia Earhart’s and navigator Fred Noonan’s disappearance in 1937. This in (More)
Get Your Publications Noticed!: A New Library Guide With Tips For Enhancing Research Impact
How can you increase the visibility of your scholarly publications? This is a pressing question for graduate students who face an extremely competitive job market but are new to the publishing game. It is also important for faculty developing promoti (More)
Coronavirus, the Curriculum, and the Library
  By Brian Simboli News articles now appear that concern how higher education faculty have used coronavirus as a topic in teaching and student projects. Lehigh's library guide about (More)
Finding Queerness in the Catalog: How Do You Identify (Me)?
A reflection on LGBTQIA+ representation as Pride Month concludes Researching a topic like queer history that feels personal to me can sometimes prompt the uncomfortable echo of medical forms. Should I enter “lesbian,” “queer,” or “gay”? “Partner” or (More)
Data Driven Inference and Control
As infrastructural systems rapidly grow in scale, complexity and interconnectedness, legacy operations driving the systems have shown to be limited i (More)
Anonymity in Networks
Hiding identities of communicating parties in a networked system is essential to protect individuals form release of sensitive and private information. In this regard e (More)
Cybersecurity in the Smart Electric Grid
Cyber-enabled Demand Side Management (DSM) plays a crucial role in smart grid by providing automated decision-making capabilities that selectively schedule loa (More)
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