Some helpful hints

I hope you are enjoying the annotations on the site. I wanted to post a few tips and tidbits that I learned throughout this process, to make it easier to integrate your annotation with mine, should you choose to add to this project.

Organize early and organize often: 

Find a way to organize your information from the beginning. This includes what words/phrases you are annotation, line numbers, sources and what information you pull from each one. I used a spread sheet because, well, I’m an accountant and excel is the most comfortable way for me to organize data. Use whatever feels best for you, so long as you can keep track of all the information you need. Also, I wish I had created my citations throughout the process, instead of leaving them for the end. I think it would have been faster. Applications like Refworks, will collect your data and help generate a bibliography when you have a complete list of sources.  Some applications, like Zotero, will work directly with WordPress plugins to create in-text citations and bibliographies.

Insert your annotation content directly into the page:

When you include an annotation, create a new page and paste your annotation directly into the content field. This will allow for your annotation to be searchable on the web. If you embed your annotation as a pdf, only the title of the document will show up in a search engine. All new pages added to the WordPress site will be automatically upload to the right hand sidebar and included with the other annotations.


One issue I had with content was the formatting of the bibliography. I added my content manually and not with the aid of a plug in or application. In order to have my works cited formatted appropriately (in the MLA format) I needed to copy and paste a simple line of code at the beginning of each entry. To do this:

Switch from the visual tab to the text tab in the content window (upper right corner of the content window.)

Then type the following code at the beginning of your first bibliography entry: <p style=”text-indent: -32px; margin-left: 32px;”>

Copy and paste this code at the beginning of each entry. This will create the hanging indent needed to correctly format your bibliography.


Hope this helps! Enjoy,


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