2 thoughts on “Kuki Chinese Restaurant”

  1. Rating: 2.7/5
    Experience: The food isn’t exactly the best for its prices and the vibe the restaurant gives off isn’t the best. They have a wide variety of food though.

  2. My daughter picked up my order yesterday evening. I ordered 1 shrimp egg roll, wonton egg drop soup, and shrimp with lobster sauce. The shrimp egg roll was a couple small shrimp, cabbage and that seemed to be it. No other flavors detected. Blah! The wontons were awful. The filling was not tasty, different from all other wontons I’ve had here and elsewhere, the soup itself was good. The wrapper was way too thick for my taste. The shrimp with lobster had way too much peas and carrots which I had never had in it before. I picked all of them out before they could affect the flavor of it. The shrimp were big, delicious as was the sauce but I miss the old fashion sauce with pork bits.

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