8/18/19 – Pain and Parades

Today was a rough day for Ukweli, but we still accomplished as much of possible. At the beginning of the day, Zachary posted his daily meme of the day (which was a fire meme). The team figured out what Hassan will be doing during the interim period of time between acquiring the marketing license and now. He will be traveling to mother support groups in order to educate them about the danger of preeclampsia and maternal health in general. He will also be meeting with religious officials, traditional healers, chiefdom heads and anyone else with a far reach in order to expand the Ukweli operations and educate those under their purview. This will also allow Ukweli to establish our base clientele for when we are ready to fully launch and able to sell strips. Jordan, Cassidy, and Rohan completed the preeclampsia data log for Hassan to fill out after he has talked to one of these groups or leaders. This will allow us to understand the prevalence of preeclampsia in the community and assess the full effect of the condition on the community. In order to check how effective this messaging strategy is, Naakesh and Zach created a survey for the groups that Hassan has presented to. Jawara, another World Hope employee will call the group heads and ask them how effective they felt the messaging was and if they would recommend us to any other groups. Not only would this help us fix any flaws that we did not notice in the education, but it would also increase our range of effect if more leaders recommended our presentation to other groups. During the break in our work, Naakesh was able to beat level 300 on candy crush. (This is not that large of a milestone though because Cassidy is on level 1500). We were also able to name the second puppy at the World Hope office. Originally his name was Boots, which I think is adorable, but we quickly found that the local accent has trouble pronouncing the word boots. We renamed the dog Attin, which means playful in Timné. This is a fitting name due to the fact that this dog really enjoys playing with every person that comes his way. There was also a large parade today on the street in front of the World Hope offices today. The Ukweli team went outside in order to observe the festivities. Only later did we find out that it was actually a memorial service for a recently fallen government official. We were very thrown by this news due to the fact that people in the street were so lively, they were cheering and playing joyful music. I believe that they were celebrating a life instead of mourning a death and that is a beautiful sentiment. Still wish that Jordan hadn’t smiled at the service though. Show a little respect man.

Jordan at the parade with a random dude making direct eye contact with the cameraAfterwards, the team worked on the business paper. This document is the origin of the turmoil for the Ukweli team. We argued with Khanjan but eventually came to a mutual agreement. He will take a hard look at the paper and deem whether or not more resources should be put towards it. Also Chris tried doing a high kick and fell really hard. I could hear it while he was outside and we were on the opposite side of a building.

Now the Unwell team will lay down to rest in each of their respective beds. Hopefully Zach will snuggle with me tonight.

This has been DJ Bambi, thanks for listening. Signing off.

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