Lehigh University Freshman Aidan Decker Adapting During the COVID-19 Pandemic by Cole Kirst

Aidan Decker has always been a Mountain Hawk. “I can’t remember not being at Lehigh Lafayette. This fall will definitely hurt not attending, but I am still happy to be at school,” said Decker.

Aidan Decker grew up fifty minutes away in a small town of Chatham, New Jersey. He has always been a fan of the Mountain Hawks since he was little as his best friend’s father went to school here at Lehigh. 

“Every year, Mr. Von Heill would take us to the Lehigh Lafayette football game. He would say it’s the best rivalry in sports. I sort of laughed as he said it but it was absolutely electric. The amount of support and cheering for each school is incredible. People are going crazy, everyone is yelling,” said Decker. “Even though I won’t get the chance to experience it as a student this year, I am just as happy to be here on campus.    

Decker is a Freshman on the Men’s Lacrosse team here too at Lehigh. He said the differences from high school to college are definitely getting used to. “Everyone is on the same pace and heartbeat,” said Decker. “In high school, practice was really mellow. Here, if you are not sprinting the whole time, you are doing something wrong.” Decker continued to say it hit him in the mouth right away but each day has become more normal for him.

Recently practice and training has been placed on hold for two weeks in the athletic department. However, this has not stopped Decker.

“For myself, not having a spring lacrosse season was tough. But when I got here and we started practicing, it felt great to be out of breath,” said Decker. “With athletics being placed on hold, I want to continue to train because everyday I want to get better and when we do get to practice again, I will be ready,” said Decker.     

Most of the freshmen at Lehigh live on campus without the luxury of having a roommate. For Decker, he has three. “Living with Damon Hsu, Nick Turrini and Freddie Amato has been awesome. We are all from different parts of the country so it’s great to talk about each other’s hometown and culture,” said Decker. “Even though it has only been a month, I can tell they are going to be some of my best friends for life,” said Decker.  

Having been integrated right away in the Lehigh culture, Decker said he loves being a Mountain Hawk. “Whether it be at the Goose getting a sandwich from Tony or saying hello to someone walking to the Library, Lehigh has been very welcoming and I love being a Mountain Hawk,” said Decker.

In the Details by Cole Kirst

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