High School Junior Bo Brady adjusts to “hybrid model” education

When Calhoun High School of Merrick, NY announced they would be reopening with a hybrid model amid the COVID-19 pandemic, junior Bo Brady was skeptical.


The public school’s plan was to have half of their students come into school, with the other half doing online classes from home and switching the groups every other day.


Brady wondered how much he would get out of this experience academically and socially, but after getting through the first month he is optimistic.


“I went into the year thinking i was going to learn absolutely nothing, but it’s definitely exceeded my expectations a little bit. I don’t think I’m learning to my full potential but I’m getting more done than probably other people would think.”


Although Brady feels he still learning and building friendships in this new setting, he says the new guidelines can be difficult to follow at times. 


Face masks are required at all times, plastic dividers are present between each desk, and social distancing is strictly enforced. Only freshmen can eat in the cafeteria, with sophomores through seniors going elsewhere to eat during their off period. 


Brady was shocked to pass the now socially distanced lunch room, where he would once sit with all his friends. All the big tables are gone, with students sitting in desks separated by plastic dividers as they eat.


“It honestly looks like jail in there” he said.


With sports cancelled as well, Brady is missing a huge piece of his high school experience. However, he has been getting involved in outside leagues to stay involved.


Hybrid has been a very different experience, but Brady is thankful that he is able to go in-person at all.


“I’m content with it personally,” he shared, “I’m definitely happy we were able to do this, full online i dont think I’d be able to do.”


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