Alec Beesmer’s COVID Recovery


While COVID didn’t necessarily impact me in the biggest way in terms of the virus itself, it took a large toll on my physical standpoint in terms of athletics. This winter is going to be huge for me as I look to rebuild the gains that I lost while having the virus.

A Day in the Life of a High School Student by Alec Beesmer

Cade Beesmer attends Cheshire Academy, a prep school in Cheshire, Connecticut, and is currently a junior. Unfortunately, Beesmer and the rest of the Cheshire students were sent home just about a week before Thanksgiving due to a few positive COVID cases that were reported by students and faculty. Beesmer’s mother is compromised when it comes to the virus so the first thing Beesmer did was get tested when he got home. He had to designate one section of the house all to himself and wear a mask if he went anywhere else. After he received his test result, which was negative, he was allowed to roam the house as he pleased. Once classes started back up for him, it was time he started to develop a daily routine. Although living at home and doing zoom classes is not at all fun compared to living in a dormitory at a prep school with all your friends, it is still important for him to finish this semester of school strong. 

Beesmer wakes up at 7:55 a.m. every morning, brushes his teeth, and gets on his laptop for zoom class that starts at 8. He consistently cuts it as close as possible, trying to maximize his sleep every day. Knowing that his first class ends at 9 o’clock, he asks his mom to make him a bacon, egg, and cheese on a bagel every morning at around 8:50, so that it is done right when his class ends. Beesmer then eats and relaxes on the couch for a little before heading to workout in the garage. After the workout, he showers, eats lunch and then relaxes just about for the entire rest of the day. He eats dinner with his family, helps clean the table and do the dishes like the great son that he is, and then heads upstairs to play video games until it is time for bed. Recently, he has become much more cautious of having great dental habits and has started to floss three times a day. So, after he finishes up with his nightly bed-time duties, he heads into his room to stretch. He started stretching because his brother expressed how important it is to maintain shoulder mobility while max-lifting every week. Beesmer, a pitcher in baseball, has to have excellent shoulder mobility and range of motion and if he is just lifting without stretching, it can lead to stiffness. After stretching, it is Beesmer’s time for bed. Post-sleep, he will get up in the morning and repeat the same thing, which is a curse of COVID, and a blessing. It has allowed for Beesmer to create a schedule or daily routine to stick to everyday, but it also makes everyday feel the same which isn’t fun for anyone.

In the Details by Alec Beesmer

The Little Things

Cole’s video “The Little Things” is about his life as a stay at home college student. It documents himself making sure he complete’s the little tasks like dishes and cooking in order to make each day successful.